To the left
is a photo from the early 1990's. We were in the local Santa Clause parade raising funds and awareness for a new pre-school play group in town. It was freezing cold, so we were wearing snowmobile suits under those costumes. Ch Banda's Padre X of Dieppe is pulling my daughter, Lauren, and nephew Justin in the wagon.

To the right is a picture from the Toronto Sportsman Show. We do a "Meet The Public" event every year, teaching people about the breed, and promoting our dogs in a positive way.

Every year we raise funds for National Service Dogs, and The Ontario Humane Society. These events happen over the Easter Weekend, and we take pledges for an Easter Egg Hunt! Lots of fun for humans and canines alike. If you'd like to pledge even a small amount, please contact us at 905-473-5919 OR .

The dogs are on-call at our Veterinarian's as blood donors. They have given blood a couple of times, in extreme emergencies. Once for a Jack Russell Terrier that got in a fight with another dog, and lost; and another time for a dog that had to have an emergency Caesarian Section and hemorrhaged.

I also volunteer my home and services to teach various courses. Below is a picture of 3 exhausted Mastiffs during a break on one of our Carting seminars.