We do a lot to prepare our puppies for your homes.

First, we make sure that Mom and Dad are both in optimal health. Unhealthy parents generally mean an unhealthy immune system which is then passed on to your puppy. We also look for stud dogs that are Naturally Raised.

We then make sure that both parents have been tested for the genetic problems common to Mastiffs. See www.mastiffcanada.org/Health.html

Then we look for parents that have excellent temperament. Many have a Canine Good Citizen/Neighbour; Temperament Test or Therapy Dog International designation after their names.

And finally we look for structurally sound dogs. Dogs that pass their orthopaedic tests as well as dogs that are physically fit and move well. Dogs that can do the job that the breed was originally bred to do!

Mom is cared for with excellent food and water at all times during her pregnancy. As well as having appropriate exercise.

Once babies arrive, they are put on the ENS program - Early Neurological Stimulation. This is to stimulate their brains and make them optimal learners; help them to mature much faster, and handle stress better.

It is at this time, that the raising of Mastiff pups is so labour intensive. Pups are about 1 lb at birth. Mom is about 170 lbs. There is a huge difference in size, so they must be monitored 'round the clock to make sure that Mom doesn't accidentally lay on one.

Pups are encouraged to nurse for as long as possible and 'round the clock. Mom's milk is best for them.

Once past this stage in their development, we have a CD we play with all kinds of sounds they may encounter while out in the big world. We have noisy toys for them to play with; steps for them to practice on; tunnels for them to run through; different types of footing for them to walk over, etc. We let them play in the forest; beside and in the pond; in the sand, etc. It all goes towards stimulating their minds.

We believe in having a clean area for them to stay and play in, but we don't keep it sterile. Just like humans, dogs need to be exposed to some dirt in their lives in order to build up immunities and get that immune system working!

We have our potential purchasers come to visit the pups and watch them grow. They are encouraged to handle the babies as well. This is all good for the puppies.

Pups are weaned to a raw diet. We use no pesticides on our dogs. We do not vaccinate them before they go to their homes. We encourage you to hold off all vaccines for as long as you can, and send you home with OUR suggested vaccine schedule.

You also go home with some raw food. A Puppy Package will go home with you which will include; guides as to feeding and vaccines, as mentioned. We supply lots of articles about training, grooming, socializing, etc. You will also get copies of Mom and Dad's health testing; health check at the Vet's; pictures of Mom and Dad and your guarantee/sales contract.

Pups are kept outside for most of the day, and by the time they go to their new homes, they are almost completely house trained. We do our utmost to send you home with a healthy, well-adjusted puppy.

I was rather surprised to have a competitor make a comment to me about how THEY don't breed for the money!? The suggestion was, that I do. Since 1978, I have had 11 litters. I have only bred a litter when I have had a substantial waiting list, and/or if I need something to keep my lines going. I don't do this for the money, or for anything other than the love of the breed. Besides, once you total up all the expenses, I'm actually in the hole! LOL!

For someone who has actually bred so seldom, it shows as to the quality that I produce when you realize the impact that my lines have had on the breed in Canada.