I am taking a hiatus from breeding for an indefinite period of time, as I am taking some courses on homeopathy.

Just a word of warning - there appears to be a lot of breeding being done with Mastiffs with elbow dysplasia. I have been getting quite a few e-mails about puppies growing up to have this problem. Be careful who you purchase from!!!!!! Make sure you ask for copies of the testing on both parents - don't be put off with excuses such as the dog ate the test results. And check your guarantee to make sure it is specific about what happens if your dog ends up with this problem! You might also want to ask about copies of testing for the grandparents - this problem may skip generations before it appears - which means that if your puppies' parents pass, but the grandparents didn't, then your pup is in line to inherit the problem!   I am hearing about lots of eye problems as well - watch out for this!

Check the Canadian Mastiff Club web site for reputable breeders who have to test the parents and post the results on the Club web site!   The Club strives to promote ethical breeding practices and encourages it’s members to be honest an upfront when dealing with puppy buyers and colleagues. Most breeders who wish to be involved in promoting health, structure and temperament belong to a national breed club, regardless of personal differences amongst members. The focus within a club is simply to protect and improve the breed.

And visit our Choosing A Breeder page for more information.

Bendegeit Mastiffs has a litter planned for Spring 2012.  Ch Banda's Don't Call me Bob, CD, RN, CGN (Marile) will be bred to Foxglove Big Ben (Ben).  For all the details, including pedigrees and health testing, visit Caleya's website at www.bendegeit.com.