Am/Cdn Ch Cluny At Banda Start Us Up, CGC


Out of Am Ch Groppetti Sir Arthur, TT, TDI x Am Ch Enchanted Acres Black Pearl
DOB: August 9,1983
Died September 5, 2002

Krissy was the gentlest soul I have ever known. Infinite patience; loved everything; so eager to please. What a great dog - I miss her terribly.

Krissy developed cancer and was euthanised. Another dog who came to me and let me know when it was time to let her go. My intense research has led me to raising my dogs in a more natural manner. So much of what we do today affects our dogs health adversely. 
 Krissy standing at the door while visiting Bonnie Keller of Monolithic Mastiffs  

OVC Hips - Normal
OVC Elbows - Normal
CERF - Normal
Thyroid - Normal
vWD - Normal


Copies of Testing
        Krissy and Nike. She was the best Mom! A favourite photo of mine.