Dale, Dahlseide Tunes of Glory - deceased
Cadey, Dahlseide Cadence - deceased
Rikki, Ch Tregarrick's Iron Maiden - deceased
Honor, Naarwoods Banda Morgan's Honor - deceased
Krissy, Am/Cdn Ch Cluny At Banda Start Us Up, CGC - deceased
Nike, Am/Cdn Ch Banda N Cluny Just Do It, CGC - deceased
Maggie, BOSS Ch Banda N Cluny's Maggie Muggins, CGN, DD, RN - deceased
Tuppence, UKC/CKC/Int Ch Banda's Two Pence Worth, CGN, RN - deceased
Penny, Banda's Ha'penny - Retired

An Unborn Puppy's Plea
I ask for the privilege of not being born.....
not being born until you can assure me of a home
and a master to protect me, and
a right to live as long as I am physically able to enjoy life....
not being born until my body is precious and
people have ceased to exploit it
because it is cheap and plentiful.
- from the Mastiff Club of Australia and New Zealand, Author Unknown