Draft Dog Seminar held by the CMC
Why would a serious breeder, not become a member of their National Breed Club? The Canadian Kennel Club (CKC) is the foremost organization which oversees pure bred dogs in Canada. They in turn fall under the umbrella of the Federal Government and the Animal Pedigree Act. The CKC turns to the National Breed Clubs for direction for their particular breed. Therefore, if you are a serious breeder, dedicated to the betterment, improvement, and protection of your breed, why would you not join? Can't be the money - membership is only $20.00, which hasn't increased in 25 years! From many non-member breeders, I hear the cries of politics. I don't get it. Every election year, the Club is asking for people to step forward and serve on the Executive. If you want change, what better way to effect that change than from the inside? However, it is always much easier to criticize and be negative and destructive rather than constructive, imaginative, encouraging, and actually contribute something to the Club. The Code of Ethics?
Junior Handling - encouraging kids to become involved with their pets.

As a responsible, caring breed Club, the problems that are most common in Mastiffs were identified. It was asked that testing be done on the breeding dogs, and the test results be made known to the public. The Club has an appropriate balance of both breeders and pet owners. The proposed changes to the Code of Ethics were put to the membership for suggestions and comments, and the final results were democratically voted on. Now, it is well known that testing is only part of the picture when deciding on whether or not to breed a certain dog. And in some cases there are mitigating factors as to why a dog has failed a certain test - an accident, etc. However, if you really think that you have the dog's, the breed's, and the public's best interests at heart, then you shouldn't be reluctant or embarrassed to allow those results to be made public.

I can only guess as to why the Code of Ethics has some people running scared from becoming membersIn fact, CMC members are at a distinct disadvantage since they are unable to hide any problems with their dogs.
But then, why would you?

Some of the aims of the Club are to: 1) educate; and 2) encourage and promote sound breeding practices, responsible ownership, and proper care and maintenance of the breed.

Mastiffs at a "Meet The Public" event - to educate.
As a breed Club we are here to protect the breed, the individual dogs and the buying public. Now how can you not belong and yet claim to be a responsible, caring breeder?

For more information about the Canadian Mastiff Club, the Code of Ethics and to become a member, go to: www.mastiffcanada.org

Membership is open to everyone - not just breeders!